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Folly Lager - 20oz, 5%
A light, refreshing lager. It’s crisp with soft notes of bread dough and a dry finish.
$ 8.00
Canadian Pale Ale - 20oz, 5.3%
Lightly hopped, with notes of citrus, lychee, and a kiss of caramel.
$ 8.00
Gatekeeper IPA - 20oz, 6.5%
Gatekeeper IPA is bursting with tropical notes, with pineapple taking over. Citrus such as blood orange and grapefruit tag along, with some herbal character rounding it out.
$ 8.00
Folly Kolsch Style - 20oz, 4.8%
An easy drinking Kolsch Style beer, with notes of hay, bread crust and a touch of mint.
$ 8.00
Trust No One Lichtenhainer - 13oz, 4%
A fun historical style, this is a smoked wheat sour. A bright acidity up front and finishing rich and smoky. Notes of pear and lemon.
$ 6.00
Peace and Tranquility - Belgian Style - 13oz, 5.7% Witbier
Slightly tart, our wit boasts notes of cherry, sweet orange and coriander.
$ 7.00
Impending Doom - Black DIPA - 13oz - 8%
Extremely dry and bold, our Black DIPA is a winner. Bitter forward with strong notes of cocoa and espresso playing with hoppy notes of citrus and pine.
$ 8.00
Run to the Hills - Brut DIPA on Cabernet Skins - 8.75%
Run to the hills pours a gorgeous cherry red, highlighting the notes from the Cabernet skins it was fermented on. Medium bitterness with notes of cherry, lime, roses and a touch of vanilla.
$ 8.50
How About Some Coffee Stout - 500ml Bottle, 6%
A rich and creamy stout brewed with coffee, showcasing a great balance of sweetness and acidity. Bottle only.
$ 8.00

Signature Cocktails

Twist On A Swiss
Hornitos Reposado, cocao nib infused campari, cinzano rosso & chocolate bitters
$ 13.00
Good Fella
Canadian Club 12 Year Old, hennessy vs, vanilla syrup, chocolate bitters with torched cedar
$ 13.00

Beer Cocktails

Paper Castle
Makers mark, aperol, amaro nonino & folly ipa
$ 13.00
Kolsch Sour
Sipsmith gin, lemon juice, egg white, cucumber/mint syrup & kolsch style
$ 13.00
Flying Lantern
Belvedere vodka, soju, lemon juice, simple syrup, basil & rice lager
$ 13.00

Tall Cans

Niagara Cider Company Dry Apple Cide
6% - 473ml
$ 8.00
Niagara Cider Company Rose Gold Cider
6%- 473ml
$ 8.00

Red By The Glass (5oz/8oz/bottle)

Headwinds Cabernet Sauvignon $11/15/45
Crios Malbec $12/16/48
Wakefield Shiraz $13/17/50

Red By The Bottle

Bozan Ripasso $70
Peter Franus Zinfandel $100

White By The Glass (5oz/8oz/bottle)

Straccali Pinot Grigio $10/14/40
St. Martin Chablis $11/15/45
DeLoach Chardonnay $11/15/45

White By The Bottle

Sparkling/Rose (5oz/bottle)

2 Sisters Rose $10/45
Casa Gheller Prosecco $9/40

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